About Us

During the #benderaputih campaign, many good samaritans and non-profits initiated food bank campaigns to help those impoverished by MCO. However, with information scattered all across the internet, it was rather inaccessible. Hence, the idea of Feed Malaysia/Selangor was born. 

We seek to connect those in need to those giving aid:

- Food Aid & Mental Health Services. 

We also seek to connect those willing to help to those in need:

- Donations & Volunteering.

This effort first started as Feed Selangor, but after fully grapsing the need for such a service, it was expanded into Feed Malaysia. 

In addition to expanding across West Malaysia; Collaborations were vital to meet the needs of Malaysians. Our Collaboration with C.A.R.E HELPLINE allowed our information to reach those digitally disconnected. Our Collaboration with One Step Closer made job seeking resources accessible for our users, of which most claim are impoverished due to job losses during covid.

Our Team